Chain Saws
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All Shindaiwa products are designed and manufactured to Japanese standards. The Japanese flag designates products manufactured in Japan.

Chain Saws

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I do a lot of tree pruning and removals for my company through the winter. My 357 saw is 8 plus years old and still going strong. You can definitely believe "First to start last to quit."

Wayland, NY


My hunting buddy supplies landscaping equipment and I called him up for a deal on a chainsaw. I figured I would look for that orange and white saw my father always used and I was pretty set on getting one of those. My friend told me not to worry I would be impressed with what I got. Well I took my new [Shindaiwa] 488 out for a test drive yesterday and boy was I ever disappointed when it ran out of gas and I didn't have time to go get more. I LOVE THIS SAW. Cut right through a 20" maple like it was butter and I barely even noticed any vibration or weight. Started on 2 pulls right out of the box and didn't stall till it ran out of gas. Ran for 1.5 hours without even slowing down. I work with high tech equipment and I have to say this saw is an amazing piece of engineering. Thanks for a quality work!!!

Shantybay, ONT


I was given a 300s 14 inch chainsaw for a house warming gift from my father-in-law 2 years ago. I had never heard of them before this,(he lives in MN). What an awesome little chainsaw. I have cut more trees and logs with it than you can imagine. It works circles around the craftsman's that friends have. I have cut logs & trees 18-22 inches in diameter. It takes more time & I have to cut from both sides, but it has never let me down. Thanks for a quality product!

Long Grove, IA