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All Shindaiwa products are designed and manufactured to Japanese standards. The Japanese flag designates products manufactured in Japan.


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I would like to tell you that your Shindaiwa Speed-Feed® is the best invention I think I have ever seen. Reloading the line is so much easier than the older methods that it is unbelievable. Thanks much for the Speed-Feed®.

Max Meadows, VA


I bought my Shindaiwa trimmer about 18 years ago for my husband. I think he has used it a few times; I use it weekly. We have 30 acres and my trimmer has gone hundreds of miles. I have trimmed pastures, ditches and intricate work around the houses. I love your product. It is well built and has the power I need. Unfortunitly everything wears out and I must get a new one. I know it will be a Shindaiwa. I just have to figure out which one.

Emmett, ID


20+ years of hard use and the old Shindaiwa C-35 is running strong. No wonder I'm a Shindaiwa fan. My list of equipment includes: 1 Shindaiwa 360, 2 Shindaiwa 488, 1 Shindaiwa 577, 1 Shindaiwa 757, 1 Shindaiwa EB 240, 1 Shindaiwa C-35, 1 Shindaiwa BP-35, 1 Shindaiwa T 272X. I'm also one of the few Shindaiwa advocates on arboristsite.com.

Westport, OR


My hunting buddy supplies landscaping equipment and I called him up for a deal on a chainsaw. I figured I would look for that orange and white saw my father always used and I was pretty set on getting one of those. My friend told me not to worry I would be impressed with what I got. Well I took my new [Shindaiwa] 488 out for a test drive yesterday and boy was I ever disappointed when it ran out of gas and I didn't have time to go get more. I LOVE THIS SAW. Cut right through a 20" maple like it was butter and I barely even noticed any vibration or weight. Started on 2 pulls right out of the box and didn't stall till it ran out of gas. Ran for 1.5 hours without even slowing down. I work with high tech equipment and I have to say this saw is an amazing piece of engineering. Thanks for a quality work!!!

Shantybay, ONT


I've had my B450 brushcutter over 15 yrs and this machine could run for a good 8hrs unstoppable cutting sakati, which is called in our native thick sord grass in our island. And each time we perform our jobs I have no worries. I don't even have to change the scorpian so often.  Also, using blade not a problem.  Need fire wood, the blade could cut down to it's roots with no hestitation or stalling. This product is rated at five star. All Shindaiwa is #1 in commercial product. And I'll be purchasing a new one on this up coming July 4th from the dealer.

Bremerton, WA