Shindaiwa Technology The choice of PROFESSIONALS
Japanese Quality
All Shindaiwa products are designed and manufactured to Japanese standards. The Japanese flag designates products manufactured in Japan.

Shindaiwa Technology

Performance. Durability. Quality.

Legendary Performance

The technology behind Shindaiwa’s quality reputation is its legendary engine technology. The company continues to invest in research and development so that its two-stroke products are lightweight and powerful, portable and durable enough for the most demanding applications. Professionals have relied on Shindaiwa two-stroke products since 1975.
Longer Life through Precise Design

Shindaiwa products are designed for the professional who demands heavy-duty, reliable, quality products. Shindaiwa engineers understand that chrome cylinders and helical gears reduce wear, extending the product's life. They also realize that even the smallest things make the biggest diffrerence so each product is carefully designed down to the smallest detail to provide an advantage to the user. Shindaiwa engineers design each component to be totally repairable, using uniform parts and mechanisms that make maintenance repair easier.
The Shindaiwa Difference

While other manufacturers reduce costs using cheaper parts and technnology, Shindaiwa designs and manufactures its products to the highest Japanese standards. These standards produce results such as engine efficiency, better capacity for heavy loads, and longer life. These advantages place Shindaiwa far ahead of its competition, and its customers experience the difference.