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All Shindaiwa products are designed and manufactured to Japanese standards. The Japanese flag designates products manufactured in Japan.


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I do believe the Shindaiwa EB8510RT is "THE" Monster !!!! I just purchased this blower Yesterday & I am totally impressed with its power. Leaves are Leaves & Snow is a different Ball Game & in the Snow this Monster plays HARD !! I've tried a few different Blowers and they will touch this one. Please keep em coming. Thanks!

Edmonton, AB


I have switched to the big blue blower from Shindaiwa after using other commercial brands and it blows me away! With the funnel tip in place it moves pretty much any debris I want and saves me tons of walking by just flat blowing things off ten plus yards away. This is serious equipment! I totally recommend it.

Pearl, MS


I bought a 352 chain saw and was skeptical. I puchased the saw because I had two other brands that I puchased at a major discount store and they where junk. When you are up in a tree and don't have a lot of room to move, the easy pull and start is incredible. I also like how the prefilter alows me keep on cutting. Cut down two trees many more to go I am sure this saw will do just fine.

Topeka, KS


This [EB802] backpack blower literally blows away any other backpack product on the market. I've used other manufacturer's top brands, but none of those moves leaves like the EB802. There really is nothing like this blower. It's weight-to-power ratio is fantastic, it does just fine with fuel, and the sound level is actually not as bad as other products. This product is just great. I recommend it to anyone in the business.

Southbury, CT


I purchased my EB8510 backpack blower last year. It has provided me great service since the day I bought it. I received a recall for it and took it in to my dealer and in 20 minutes or less I had my blower in top running condition for free!! With that kind of product support I went back the next day and bought a brand new long reach hedge trimmer. Top of the line equipment! Thank you.