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All Shindaiwa products are designed and manufactured to Japanese standards. The Japanese flag designates products manufactured in Japan.


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I bought my Shindaiwa trimmer about 18 years ago for my husband. I think he has used it a few times; I use it weekly. We have 30 acres and my trimmer has gone hundreds of miles. I have trimmed pastures, ditches and intricate work around the houses. I love your product. It is well built and has the power I need. Unfortunitly everything wears out and I must get a new one. I know it will be a Shindaiwa. I just have to figure out which one.

Emmett, ID


I love this trimmer [C27]. My father actually bought it when I was about 12 (I'm now 24). He ran it all the time. I always wanted to use it around our acerage growing up. Being a rather small frame and only 5ft he never thought I could handel it. Well now that I am grown and have my own place, and he no longer needs the trimmer, he finally gave in after watching me scruggle for several yrs with throw-aways. He gave me one of his most trusted pieces of equipment. And I love it! I can take this thing out and totaly zone out for a great work out.. Ive ran this old trusty for hours, I could never imagine my yard chores with out it. I hope I never need to consider replacing it, but should that ever happen I will replace it with another Shindaiwa. Thanks Shindaiwa for great memories and hard work.

Muskogee, OK


The company I work for takes care of most parks and recreational areas managed by the local council. These areas need to be serviced twice monthly so work is go go go. The T270 model trimmers used have had a hard life, a very hard life, but the constant work never seems to slow them. They have taken so much abuse over the years, from working flat out for hours at a time to being thrown and jammed back onto the truck, they never miss a beat. It just makes work that much better when you have something so fantastically dependable.

Sydney, New South Wales


I have used the same Shindaiwa T270 for 6 years now and must say it is the best piece of equipment out there. No power loss, no problems ever for that matter other than routine maintenance. I use it 5-6 days a week doing tons of hill trimming and it has never failed, I have tried a few other commercial grade brands and I must say don't waste your time, get a Shindaiwa and forget the rest.

Little Rock, AK


I bought a Shindaiwa T231 weed trimmer 5 years ago and could not be happier. With no maintenance at, this machine runs excellent and starts every time for me. A must have is the Shindaiwa Speed Feed head that makes putting the line in a breeze. I highly recommend anything made by Shindaiwa.

Hanover, MA


The first Shindaiwa trimmer I ever used was the T-20 that my dad bought in the earlier 90's. This trimmer was just awesome, it always started and never gave us any trouble till it was 12 years old. I put it in the shop and they fixed it for $20 and it ran great for another 2 years. I sold it 3 years ago for $100.00 and it started on the 3rd pull. Now that I have my own lawn care company Shindaiwa is the only trimmer I have on my trucks. We take them out during peak grass season and run them between 6 and 8 hours a day and all we have to do to them is make sure we have good fuel and good oil in the gas. If you are in the market for lawn care equipment and need something that will make you money and not be in the shop everyday then go spend a little extra money up front with Shindaiwa products.

Milan, TN


I bought my T-20 in 1994 and use it a lot. I have only changed the gas tank pick-up tube in the tank. The plug is original. My maintenance procedure after a day's use is to drain the tank and run it till it won't start anymore, then I wash it and store it away. I've been doing this ever since buying it, and it starts right up everytime!

Kapaa, HI